Can someone recommend a great doctor in Houston area for calf implants?

Hi - I am a thin and healthy 29-yr old female looking for calf implants. Can someone recommend a good doctor in the Houston area preferably with recent before-after pictures? I am looking for an expert who has done this many times, will not leave ugly scars and minimize risk of implant shift or other complications. What price should I expect? According to this site, the avg price in the area is around $6,800, is that about right? Thanks!

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Average cost for Calf Augmentation with implants

Thank you Amber for your question.

After 15 years of performing this procedure, I can say that calf augmentation surgery is very specialized and not many plastic surgeons perform this procedure.  I don't know who performed this in Houston but it is important to seek an experienced surgeon.  It may mean that you have to travel a bit to seek this expertise.  Scars generally heal well in this area and can be improved with lasers.  If the implants are placed meticulously into the fascia of the calf muscles, they should not migrate or shift, as the fascia is a very strong membrane.  Cost is approximately 8000 US$ in Canada and it is all inclusive, i.e. the surgeon the nurses, the surgical center, the anesthesiologist and the implants.

Hope this helps.

Dr Marc DuPere, Aesthetic and Body Contouring Plastic Surgeon

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