How long before doing CoolSculpting on thighs after delivery?

delivered a baby wth c section i know i can't do the procedure on abdomen before a year but what about doing the procedure on thighs after 3 months of delivery

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CoolSculpting and Results

CoolSculpting on the thighs can be performed 3 months post delivery. I suggest being at or near your ideal body weight to receive optimal results. Best, Dr. Emer

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CoolSculpting on thighs

Dear mrmrooty:
CoolSculpting can safely be performed after delivery, but some practitioners would want you to wait until you are no longer breast-feeding as well. Even though no medications are used that could get into the breast milk, should you be one of the rare patients to develop pain after the procedure (especially unlikely given that this has been primarily reported when using the CoolMax applicator on the lower abdomen), the choice of medications to treat might be limited.  If you are not breast feeding, I see no reason to delay treatment.
It is helpful to choose a very experienced physician from one of the core specialties especially since placement in this area is critical for the best result.
All the best,Dr. Clark

Sheryl D. Clark, MD
New York Dermatologist
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How long before CoolSculpting on thighs after C-section delivery?

I think it would be fine to have the thighs treated with CoolSculpting 3 months after delivery by C-section.  However, I would recommend that you return to your normal weight before being treated.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cool Sculpting on Thighs after Delivery

Dear Mcmrooty, In my practice we have new mothers wait one year on any cool sculpting of the tummy or love handles. We also don't do cool sculpting on anyone breast feeding. I have not had one consult in 2 1/2 years that a new mom wanted outer thighs but at three months I would allow it if you were back to your normal weight and were not breast feeding. Hope that helps. 

John K. Wakelin III, MD, FACS
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How long before doing CoolSculpting on thighs after delivery?

Thank you for your question. 3 months after delivery should be fine as long as you are not breastfeeding. Speak with your chosen provider. Ensure that you speak to a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist with expertise in CoolSculpting. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting after delivery

I would wait at least 6 months after delivery to do anything to your body.  You need to give yourself a chance to lose the baby weight. And congrats!

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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ColSculpting after pregnancy

Three months after delivery would be an appropriate timeframe to have CoolSculpting if you are not breast feeding. Please consult with your provider for specific restrictions. Best of luck!

Christine Sullivan, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting after having a baby

Congratulations on your baby!  I would recommend waiting until your weight has stabilized or returned as close as possible to your pre-pregnancy weight.  I also recommend that mothers completely stop breast feeding prior to coolsculpting.  Your body undergoes a lot of changes with pregnancy and breast feeding, and it is important to let everything normalize before you start making changes to the way fat is distributed throughout your body.  Best of luck!

Josh Waltzman, MD, MBA
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting on Thighs after C-Section.

Hi,Congratulations on your new baby!  You should be fine to get Coolsculpting on the thigh area since it is not near the C-section site but I would try to get to your ideal weight before Coolsculpting so that the problem area can be assessed for the right applicator.
Warmly,Dr. Liu

Grace Liu, MD
Newport Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting After Childbirth

I would suggest waiting at least until you are have completed breast feeding, although some of your pregnancy  weight may be lost over the next year. With that in mind, I would be cautious about how much fat you have removed until which time as you are at a weight you feel comfortable with. Coolsculpting is more for sculpting those stubborn areas than it is for treating volume. If too much volume is removed and then you lose a significant amount of weight, it could leave you with indentations or scooped-out in that particular area.

Jeffrey C. Dawes, MD, FRCSC
Calgary Plastic Surgeon
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