Lip reconstructive surgery. (photos)

I'm not sure what surgery or type of surgeon I should go to. There is a drastic change from a before and after photo because of how big the hemangioma was on the left . All the surgeries I've had been laser but I don't see any results. I just want my left lip to look at least similar to an upper lip. And can you please tell me the type of surgeon I should go to and will I get good results.

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Lip reconstructive surgery

I would recommend you consult a plastic surgeon who performs a lot of head and neck reconstruction.They have good knowledge of the peculiar anatomy of the lip and what is required. How long back did you have the surgery for the haemangioma?  and how many laser sessions did you undergo? I must add that although it is difficult that your left upper lip will look exactly like the right, it would be possible to improve the appearance.

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Lip reconstructive surgery

I would recommend going to a facial plastic/reconstructive surgeon who ideally has experience with cleft lip and vascular malformations.  These doctors often treat mostly kids, but they know a lot about the anatomy of the lip and how to reconstruct it.  The left side of your upper lip will never be exactly the same as the right, but there are some things you can do to improve how it looks.  1- you may be able to further reduce the scarring effect and 2- you can create a more defined lip line with filler or a strip of material that is permanent. 
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