Left breast has a dent following breast augmentation and donut lift 2 months po. (photo)

My left breast has a weird concaved look to it following breast augmentation and donut lift almost 2 months ago. I understand they are still in recovery but I know I have been harder on my left side (16 month old baby and a deployed husband equals me carrying her a lot) than I have on the right can someone please tell me what this is I'm not set to see my ps again till early next year..

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Is there a reason you cannot see your PS sooner?

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Unless you traveled far to have your procedure, you should ask to be seen now, rather than next year.  But if its only the dent you worry about, rest assured that it can easily be camouflaged with fat grafting if needed.  Your surgeon should otherwise be accessible to you always.

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Left breast has a dent following breast augmentation and donut lift 2 months po.

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I'm sorry to hear about the issue that you have been experiencing. It's difficult to answer your question without examining you in person and knowing the details of your surgery. I would certainly contact your surgeon. You should be able to send photos and have them call you to discuss. You can also schedule an appointment to go back and see them before next year. On a side note, thank you to you and your family for your sacrifice as your husband serves our country. 

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