I'm trying to decide which is preferable: ongoing jawline injections or permanent implants. What are the pros and cons?

I'm male/21 years old. I'm debating between the two: Ongoing injections or permanent implants? What are the some of the cons or negatives about implants? The consensus from what I've read a couple different places seems to favor fillers. My jawline is average, but I like the potential in what I see when I clench my jaw where it basically "sticks out". And it seems like Radiesse is the go-to filler for this, so what's the typical price for the total amount of injections to achieve this?

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Everyone prefers to minimize the frequency of treatment no matter what the nature of it. Even with slightly longer lasting fillers there is still a repetitive need and cost to maintain the esthetics of the sites. Each time will be different due to the variability of placement and the aging process. Implants placed inside the mouth alongside the jaw are a one stage procedure which typically support the overlying soft tissue during the aging process and are a one time procedure and cost. Properly done by an experienced surgeon, implants are more ideal. 

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