I need 9 veneers and 1 crown (10 total teeth) on upper. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was quoted 19k yesterday for 9 vaneers and 1 crown to replace the top half of my smile...my teeth are cracking and wearing down :( Anyone know of a good dentist who could do this for less than 19k? I know it will expenaive, but was hoping for less than that! While still getting a high, high quality result!

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you should see what many americans and canadians are  doing, traveling abroad to do dental procedures for 1 third of what they will pay back home, the same quality, and can be done in one visit. with one third of that money you will get zirconium crowns or veneers, and you will still enjoy beautiful vacation.

Great smile and affordability

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trying to find the right price, and the right doctor is always confusing. The key is finding the  doctor that allows you direct interaction with their ceramist and allows you to be involved  in the process directly. We try to complete all all veneer cases in one day. You work one on one with Our master ceramist . To get your new smile in a day.  You should expect to spend 12-15 k, for a one visit smile makeover. 

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Veneers and Crown

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From your photos, I personally don't see why you need the veneers and crown. Maybe x-rays show something different, but if you don't have any large fillings in those teeth, you  might only need your teeth reshaped and your bite adjusted and that's it. That would save you lots of $$!

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Veneers, crown

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Overall you have a very nice smile.  From the photo it seems like there is some wear on your front teeth.  My suggestion is to make sure to consult a top cosmetic dentist that can enhance your smile by restoring the length without making the front teeth any thicker than what you have already.  Also the side teeth appeared a little recessed, they can be built out a bit to make sure the smile is widened.  


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
5.0 out of 5 stars 13 reviews

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