Which hair transplant method, how many grafts and what would my prognosis be? (Photo)

I am 40 years old male, European descent, only my maternal grandfather went bald, all the other men & women have thick, full hair into their 70s. I started losing hair front and top aged 33. I have not used any meds to stop further loss, but am on a good multivitamin daily. I want a hair transplant within the next weeks. Which method for me? How many grafts? Would you recommend PRP treatment in conjunction? How much loss of all the hair over the next 20 years (including the transplanted ones)?

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It all depends on your budget really.

For Hair Transplants, you would do well with manual FUE or ARTAS Robotic FUE. 

You could use between 1000-3000 grafts, depending on how far in front you want your hairline to go. IT is difficult to gauge and explain this in pictures and is a very common question I encounter. It all depends on your financial capability. 

PRP treatment could be used immediately after hair transplant on the grafts to increase the chances of survival. A treatment course could also be started 2 weeks after hair transplant and continued till new grafts maturity at 9 months. 

Transplanted hairs DO NOT have further balding as they are not responsive to DiHydroTestosterone ( DHT). Even when planted in balding scalp, they still survive and do well as if they were still in the donor area. This is the well-proven principle of Donor Dominance. 

I would suggest starting on Finasteride 1mg tablets daily and Minoxidil 5% spray twice daily and Low Level Laser Therapy 3 times a week, 2 weeks after surgery to prevent your original NON-TRANSPLANTED hairs from getting worse, as balding is a continuous process and DOES NOT STOP AFTER A HAIR TRANSPLANT. 

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The prognosis and the recommendation of surgery happens after a good examination. Without an examination

The prognosis and the recommendation of surgery happens after a good examination. Without an examination and consultation it would be irresponsible to come up with a treatment plan.

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What shall I do about my hair

First, start off and make an appointment. You might consider us as we are in California and have pioneered most of today's modern hair transplant technology and published it in medical journals. I would have to write a book to do justice (I actually did write a Dummies Book on Hair Loss), but if you see us for a private one one one consultation, you will walk out and know the answer to the quastion in the title

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Which hair transplant method, how many grafts and what would my prognosis be?

Thank you for posting your question. From the photos attached and provided, it seems you can use anywhere from 3000 to 3500 grafts.

The total number of grafts is dependent upon the "Surface Area" that needs to be covered, at the different zones of the scalp. Each one of these zones, require different densities per zone 1 vs zone 2 of the scalp.

Multivitamins are a great way for your grafts to have nourishment, but you should also consider using Minoxidil 5% topical, along with considering using Finasteride atleast the topical version. PRP is a great adjunct to add to your procedure, and should be continued atleast 1x a year touch-ups.

The transplanted hairs if taken from the correct areas of the permanent zone, should last you indefinitely. Also make sure the shampoo you use is on the softer, sulfate free and as organic as possible.

Hope this helps.  

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FUE or FUT (strip)? How many grafts?

Hi, Jake--

The limited photos you've posted don't really permit a meaningful graft estimate, but depending on the area you would like to address it would appear that somewhere between 1600-3000 grafts could provide a satisfactory result. Unless you wear your hair very short, and it does not appear that is the case, my personal recommendation would be for the "FUT" (strip) method. (See link below.) Many surgeons have reported what they believe are better results using PRP, with or without ACell, as well as a variety of graft storage solution additives that can potentially enhance survival and growth. Do not think that "a good multivitamin" will prevent future hair loss; unless you start taking finasteride, there is a high probability that you will continue losing native hair (but not the transplanted hair) within your genetically predetermined "pattern" over the next 20+ years.

I hope this has been helpful--
Dr. Ballon

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You will lkely lose much of the hair on the top of ghe head in future years. Around 2500-3000 grafts could be done in your first transplant session. The strip harvest approach is the most cost effective approach and yields the more consistent recipient results than FUE. You seem to be an ideal candidate based on the infirmation you have probided. 

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Wich hair transplant method is eligible for me ?

Nowadays donor site harvesting is available by two methods FUE and FUT.
Even though the methods can be choosen by the surgeon or patient himself primarily the donor site,social downtime is the most important criteria for choosing the right method of harvesting.
For your case both methods seems eligible and both will be available to cover your balding areas.

On a single session of Fue 3500-4000 grafts are the highest amount that can be extracted. .
On the other hand if we can combine two extraction methods Fue and Fut we can obtain 4500-5000 grafts to cover a larger portion of the baldness.
The estimation of grafts needed for any recipient area depends on many factors.For hair line specifically the the design of the hairline and where it will start is the key points.Also your donor site,age and level of your progressive hair loss are important issues that should be considered.
In the hands of an experienced ISHRS member surgeon , I believe you will find the best  option.
Here the main goal is to help you reach your expectations without giving any harm to you.

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