Fixing asymmetry and UNEVENESS of incision along peraeriolar line & scar/flap treatment. Any suggestions?

580cc BA peraeriolar 9 days post op. Not symmetrical before. R breast w/ bigger aeriola and L breast, tight Areola not same as right. Doctor indicated, why didn't 580 R /590 L is beyond me. 6 days PO surgical tape removed. Incisions exaggerate assymetry. Right incision Under breast skin +healing w/uneven flap. Left, incision through Areola, not under, exaggerating assymetry more, cutting off circle. Uneven flap (R) heal flat and fleshly?! Use something other than Gauze pads? Feel dry/itch.

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Post Op Concerns

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Photos, or preferably, an in-person exam would be required to give you meaningful feedback on what you describe.At 6 days post op, asymmetry and contour irregularities can be expected along with swelling- you will need to wait at least a few months to see your results.Post op instructions including wound care would be best given to you by your operating surgeon.
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Early concerns after augmentation

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must be tempered with patience and the understanding that your surgeon wants the best outcome for you as well.  Must give yourself time to heal so focus on the positive energies and always keep your surgeon informed of your concerns and allow him/her to provide the reassurances you desire.  Find out what the revision policy is just in case you need it as well.  More often than not, things do improve with time.  And in the future, photos are worth more than any description so to encourage more replies, suggest you post photos.

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