How can my face look even? (Photo)

I suffered and accident when I was small. My nose got dislocated and the right side of my face looks lazy. Doctors told me through the time of my development my face will start changing and look even but it isn't it's still the same. What is recommended in my situation?

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Rhinoplasty, nose surgery

Your situation is not unique. Many people suffer injury to their nose during their adolescent time period that initially was not felt to be significant. Remember, when you were were younger, having trauma to your nose may have impacted the appearance of your nose at that time. From your persecutive,  is a reflex reaction to state - it's no big deal. But  with time, it may be a big deal for you. An initial injury to your nose may not show it's negative impact on your appearance until now, As one matures, the nasal shapes evolve and what you are dealing with is the evolution of the trauma combined with your genetic potential.  Your problem can be improved. I provided you a more difficult situation - a re-do nose surgery procedure. take a look and relax, things can be made better. 

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A rhinoplasty will drastically improve the way you look, you are on the right track asking about it. 

best of luck, 

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How can I make my face look even?

From the very limited photograph, it appears that there is a crooked and broken nose, for which a rhinoplasty can improve. A full set of photographs are required to make any further determination. Straightening the crooked nose can be accomplished with a closed rhinoplasty procedure by making all the incisions on the inside of the nose and straightening both cartilage and bone.  For more information and many  Before-and-after examples, please see the link and the video below

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