CO2 Laser safe with other procedures?

I am considering getting a lower face and neck lift with a lower Bleph. The PS I met with suggested also doing CO2 laser at the same time. Is it safe to do the laser at the same time, or should I wait to recover from the first surgery?

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Laser/Lift Safety -- CO2 at same time is beneficial

I do laser resurfacing at the same time as neck and face lifts.  I suggest you see an expert there is no reason you have to wait.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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CO2 laser is safe with other procedures

CO2 laser is indeed safe with other procedures. The only situation where I am concerned with CO2 laser and other procedures, is the outer cheek or skin in front of the ear when undertaken with a facelift/mini-facelift. In my experience, the decrease in blood flow to that area caused by the facelift causes the lasered skin to heal very slowly, and sometimes problematically

Daniel Lensink, MD
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