Butt Implants, open wound! (Photo)

I got my surgery done 4 weeks ago and I just realized I had a open wound like 5 days ago I'm taking antibiotics and He told me to do irrigation I'm doing for like for 3 days and taking the antibiotics I had some dead tissue and he cleaned up 2 and took some the fluid for test its closing a little bit more So I like to know my wound will close? and how long will take ? Plus if is any other treatments out there I can do to help to speed this process. I'm so afraid I have to removed ...

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Invision open after buttocks implants

hiThe incision opening although scary is not a major concern. After 4 weeks the pocket around your implant is healed enough that the open incision does not communicate with your implant. Local wound care with gauze and time is all that's needed for the wound to heal. Although scary, in the end the scar will look great as its positioned in your buttocks crease. 
Hang in there!

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Buttock implants NYC

You have to see a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in buttock augmentaiton immediately.  This incision doesn't look like its healing properly and needs attention.   

Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS
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