Can I get a breast argumentation with benign cyst in my breast?

Want bigger breast but have bnine cyst in both breast

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Getting Breast Augmentation with A Benign Cyst

There are several potential risks when taking on breast augmentation surgery. You may not be fully satisfied with the appearance of your implants; implant size issues, prominent scarring, asymmetric or undesired appearance or placement of  #implants or hardening may interfere with patient satisfaction.  Asymmetry (unequal breast size or shape) may occur.  The implanted breast may  #sag or #droop (ptosis) over time, much like a natural breast.  Very rarely the implant may change position or break though the skin, particularly if you have very thin breast tissue covering the implant. (This is more common with saline implants). complications do occur even for the best of surgeons and cannot be completely prevented.  Make sure you are comfortable with the risks and complications of this procedure and that all your questions are answered by our staff.

The best thing to do in regards to any questions you may have as to the results of your augmentation with the cysts you already have is to bring up every potential detail to your surgeon in pre-operative consultation. You may also take on multiple consultations in order to see what options different surgeons may offer and how your cysts can be handled with different types of procedures.

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Breast augmentation with benign cyst

Following a complete physical examination, consideration of your personal history, as well as family history, and a review of how the benign nature of  your cyst was determined, it seems highly likely you would be able to move forward with breast augmentation surgery.  Most women have benign cysts to varying degrees so this does not preclude your being a candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

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Breast enlargement and cyst

Thanks for your question.

Usually there are no contraindication for a breast enlargement in presence of a confirmed diagnosed benign cyst but this needs to be assessed at the time of the consultation.

In general if the implant is placed behind the muscle the follow up and potential need for treatment of the cyst is safer.


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