What Can You Do if Your Expectations Where Not Met After a Breast Lift with Implants?

received a breast lift and implants I told the doctor I wanted full round fake looking breasts with maximum upper pole fullness he said I would require a full lollipop lift I freaked I needed a lollipop lift and 300 implants I agreed the day of Surgury he decided while I was asleep on the operating table to not do a full lift but a benilli lift ( wich is what my other seryun said he would do for 5k less but I opted outing convinced I needed a full lift ) now I still have no upper pole fullness

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Upper pole fullness and lift

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It is difficult to tell what surgery would have been best for you without seeing you in person. As for the fees for your surgery, that is something you should discuss with your surgeon.

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What To Do if Unhappy after Breast Surgery?

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I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment after breast surgery. Your best bet is to communicate your concerns in a calm, constructive, and non-confrontational matter with your plastic surgeon. Keep in mind, that the vast majority of plastic surgeons very much want to end up with happy  patients and all of us have had patients who are unhappy with the results of surgery.  In other words, it is unlikely that your concerns will be a new experience for your plastic surgeon.

Hopefully, working with a plastic surgeon you will be able to mutually decide on the best course of action to achieve results you will be pleased with.

 Best wishes.

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