Would a browlift give me more eyelid show and fix droopy botox brows? (Photo)

I have always had an angry and heavy brow look but after years of botox and extreme aging due to stress, I look so unpleasant. Please help, I am so desperate.

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Range of options

So you do have heavy brows although you don't look so old in the pictures, limited as they are. 

They are heavy both in position and volume so thinning the bottom half of them out may have the desired effect. Equally a small drop of botox under the brow laterally can improve the position somewhat. Having said that a brow lift would also work to make your eyes look more awake but I think its worth trying one of the first two before going foe the brow lift as its quite a big job. 

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

Brow lift

It does seem that a brow lift can help your eyes look more attractive.  At rest your brows are at or just below your superior orbital rim which is an indication for a lift in women.  See a board certified plastic surgeon to inquire about techniques best suited for you.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

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