Could Collagen Injection affect my eyes in any way?

I have AMD which has been treated with Lucentis, but I have been stable for 2 years. I would like to have collagen injections to improve my wrinkles..... Could the collagen affect my eyes in any way? Thank you

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Could Collagen Injection affect my eyes in any way?

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Thanks for your query. The collagen injections for wrinkles are by far very with very less side effects like allergic reactions or migrations or bruising etc. You have to get it injected from an experienced doctor as there is a chance of injecting into a blood vessels which might cause blindness, but that’s a very rare side effect and does not occur if you get it done from an experienced doctor. Hope it helps

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Collagen Injections effects on eye-sight

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If collagen were injected intra-arterial, there is a small complication of blindness, partial or complete. Given your diagnosis of AMD, I would prefer you use topical creams rather than injections for wrinkles. There are reported cases of collagen used on the eyelids going to the optic artery. For you, topical creams would be the better option.

Michael Stefan, MD
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