What is wrong with my left breast? Muscle aches enough to wake me up most nights. Can it be fixed, and if so, how? (photos)

Sub muscular silicone 400 cc smooth implant June 2016. Constant pain in left pectoral muscle. Ridge in muscle above nipple with any flexion. Can't hide the animation as it is so high on chest. Muscle aches enough to wake me up most nights unless I take Tylenol PM (which I try to avoid unless I can't sleep). Also breasts cross sternum when pushed together. My doctor is non responsive, and offered no follow ups to the surgery. He is board certified. Already spent $10,000. What can be done to fix?

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What is wrong with my left breast? Muscle aches enough to wake me up most nights. Can it be fixed, and if so, how?

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Thank you for sharing your question.  Unfortunately without an in-person examination it is difficult to offer definite advice. It appears that all of your photographs, except for the middle, demonstrates the deformity with flexion of your pectoralis muscle.  This is termed an animation deformity and occurs with submuscular placement of implants, especially with extensive muscle release.  Correction would entail placing the implants above your muscle, which would be an additional procedure.  Hope this helps.

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Pain in left breast post BA with muscle movement

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There is a very simple answer to this if you are willing to undergo another procedure. One option is to see if there can be further muscle release internally. The other would be to move the implant from under the muscle to over the muscle. I have done this recently for breast reconstruction patients who suffer from discomfort and pressure from pectoral muscle movement.  The best option. Best of luck!

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Redo breasts augmentation

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Dear Sal,

    Thanks for submitting your pictures, though, 'before' pictures would have been helpful. To have spent $10,000 on breasts augmentation, you must have had additional  surgery, because breasts augmentation does not cost that much. So it is critical to have all the information about your surgeries.

   From observing your middle picture, you appear to have superior capsule contracture,  more so on your left side. That could be the reason for your pain , the indentation and the animation. Physical examination will be very important too, for assessing your situation. Superior capsulotomy (scar release) might be the solution for your problem.

   Board certification is important, but as important, if not more so, is experience. Since you claim the your surgeon is responsive, consult with other experienced board certified plastic surgeons who do lots of redo breasts augmentation and can show you many successful surgeries that they have done, in the photo gallery.

                               Best of luck,

                                                   Dr Widder

Breast Implant Muscle animation/Pain

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I am sorry to hear about your problem. From the photos it does appear that you have excessive muscle animation especially on the left side. Also some degree of medial placement (I wouldnt call it symmastia without an in-person exam). 

This is unfortunately not an easy thing to deal with and might involve removal of the implants and replacement of the muscle to the chest wall with immediate or delayed re-insertion of a subglandular implant. There may also be the need for using alloderm or strattice for implant support and positioning.

What distresses me is the lack of contact with your surgeon. I would make an appointment with your surgeon and go over all the areas of concern and get a full and thorough examination of your situation. 

All the Best,

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