How do i make sure my vagina is tight and I feel like a virgin when a guy enters me?

i used the end of a hairbrush for masturbation once and i'm pretty sure i broke my hymen and i've also done a lot of fingering and i'm afraid when i lose my virginity the guy is going to be able to tell that something has gone in there.

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How can I make sure I feel tight when I lose my virginity?

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Masturbation with a hairbrush or small sex toy or a vibrator will not loosen your vagina or take away your virginity.  Even if you broke your hymen with masturbation I generally would not recommend surgical repair before you become sexually active unless there are unusual circumstances.  This might include the social necessity to be a biological virgin at marriage with certain cultures.Your question is a good one because it illustrates something important for women to understand.  Certainly sex is more physically pleasurable for both man and woman when there is appropriate vaginal tightness - (not too tight or it will hurt the woman).  But an important take home message is that sexual intimacy is better in the context of a loving relationship regardless of the size and shape of your body.  Its not your job to be "tight enough" for your partner the first time you have sex. Its more important for you to be in a loving relationship where you trust your partner and are not fearful he will find sex with you not pleasurable enough for him.  This is the kind of guy to stay far away from.  Find someone focused on you and not himself.   Stick with masturbation until you find the right person who you would trust to be a good father to your future children and a loving, faithful husband to you.    This person would likely not criticize you or make you feel bad about your body and would cherish you.If there ever is an issue that things are not tight enough this can be made better.  Sexual dysfunction because of laxity is not such a big deal. Its easy to fix.  Relationship dysfunction because of choosing the wrong partner is a much more serious problem.  Its impossible to fix.

A hairbrush might break your hymen, but it won't loosen your vagina.

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Fingers and hairbrushes won't stretch your vagina. Your guy won't have a clue. If your hymen broke and you wish to have it restored before your wedding, then look into hymenoplasty.

Vagina: Virginity

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Thank you for sharing your question.  The absence of a preserved hymen can be due to many reasons.  The absence does not necessarily mean the loss of virginity. The hymen can be recreated by hymenoplasty, which is typically an outpatient procedure.     Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist)

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