Rapid Decline of Fat 7 Weeks Post Transfer

As a result of jaw cancer, I lost volume to the right side of my face. I had a fat transfer. During the swelling, my face appeared (puffy but) symmetrical. I was, ecstatic. However, four weeks post transfer, or 3 weeks ago, copious amounts of a pinkish and yellow oily substance exploded from my face. With it went the symmetry. Each day there is a visible decline of fat; it is unevenly flat, and the sunken area is returning rather quickly. Disappointed. Please advise? Options? Thank you.

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Fat Transfer Results, Are They Permanent?

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I suggest you see an expert and do sculptra/PRP to get long term improvement and maintenance of the fat. PRP and purgraft give the best outcome and viability. Fillers can be used on the jawline if fat didn't work well.  Best, Dr. Emer

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