Did my implant shift after 24 years?

Sub muscular saline in '92.Woke up,after having my right arm extending all night,rolled over and felt a horrible pain and shift in my right breast.I leaned forward,felt another shift and got some relief,but soon started running a fever-100.5 with terrible pain under my breast.Went to a PS but he was mostly concerned with a revision for my CC.Lots of test including mammo,ultrasound,gall bladder,pancreas but nothing.Developed pain and stiffness in my hands, wrists and knees.Going to PS in July.

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Did my implant shift after 24 years?

Capsular contracture can cause horrible pain and distort/displace/rupture the implant, especially after 24 years. Probably best that you got seen by a PS since you will probably need a complete capsulectomy and implant exchange. Not sure stiffness in your joints is related to capsular contracture. Good luck!

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