What treatment would you recommend for red scar on my foot? (photos)

I have an 18 month old scar on top of my foot from bunion surgery. It is still pretty red. The skin is flat, so if I didn't have the redness you would hardly see the scar. I have had vbeam done with limited results. I do not know the strengths my derm used, but wonder if they were too strong and my skin reacted negatively to that. Are there any other options for me? By the way - have the same incision on my other foot with very different results (barely any pigmentation, success with vbeam)

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Scar Treatment after Bunion Surgery

Hi Bfly.  We would not recommend revising the scar surgically.  It's very likely that it will look the same or worse after a surgical revision.

You mentioned that the scar is flat, but it does not look flat.  It looks like it ha s a small ridge that runs the length of the scar.  If this is the case, it's this hard tissue that is preventing you from making progress.  We would inject tiny amounts of Kenalog to soften the scar tissue.  This often makes the red color drain out as the tissue softens, but if it does not, then it's back to the VBeam after flattening to finish the job.  

Check the photo link below to see a very similar scar.

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Scar revision

I would revise your scar and use a product only available to Plastic surgeons called Embrace.  This product is very effective. The only issue is getting to fit in that area over the foot.

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