Is this a form of symmastia? The only way to get a gap is to wear thong bra or tape cleavage apart (Photo)

11 months ago I had revision from over to unders. My left implant moves across the sternum. The skin is loose and "tents" or raises off my chest. The gap that exists when standing normally completely disappears when wearing a bra. The left is worse then the right, has a divot when lying on back, and very high muscle animation deformity. I had subglandular implants for 19 years and had a very nice cleavage gap between my boobs when wearing a bra. Is this symmastia and what can be done to fix it?

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Yes you do have synmastia/symmastia.  The skin in the center of your chest has separated as a result of the implant pocket being dissected too far toward the midline.  This is correctable and in my opinion requires temporary removal of your implants to allow the tissue planes to adhere to one another again, followed by replacement of smaller implants.Hope this helps.
Dr. Ali Mosharrafa

Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Yes you may have an element of symmastia on the left.  If it bother you, it would need to be corrected surgically by re-establishing the division between your breasts.

Tyler C. Street, MD
Napa Plastic Surgeon
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