My eyelid is getting worse after Mullerectomy surgery?

Hello doctors. I had Mullerectomy surgery (my left eye) 4 months ago. The problem is the eyelid is still droopy, and it barely moves upward. It is painful to look straight ahead. I also have an extra crease in my eyelid, and my eyes look different and oblique. My question is it possible to reverse this surgery? Is it overcorrection (because I have difference of downgaze) or undercorrection (as my eyelid is still droopy )? Is it possible to fix my eyelid without surgery? Thank you.

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Filler or revision eyelid ptosis surgery

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Best to obtain in person consultation (or Skype consultation) with an oculoplastic specialist so the eyelid can be evaluated, including how it moves. Not sure further surgery is warranted. May consider filler injection for better symmetry.

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