Can anything be done to alleviate pain in left pec muscle across top of breast? I am 5.5 mths post revision (Photo)

I am 5.5 months post revision surgery (capsullorhaphy and downsize 500 to 400 cc silicone hp sub pectoral). I have constant pain in my left pectoral muscle. It bothers me during day and can wake me up at night. It's getting worse. The pain is in the muscle above the location of animation deformity. I don't know what to do. I have not heard back from my PS. I went to my GP, but she was unable to assist. What can cause this pain and more importantly what can be done to treat it? Thank you.

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Can anything be done to alleviate pain in left pec muscle across top of breast? I am 5.5 mths post revision

Thank you for your picture and question. If you are still having these types of problems at 5.5 months postop, you need to see your surgeon to discuss fixing this. This is a significant deformity and will likely require surgical intervention. If you have severe animation deformity problems that cannot be resolved, you can consider changing the pocket to a subglandular pocket and putting the pec muscle back into anatomical position. You need to keep contacting your surgeon until he or she addresses your problem. If they will not, then you need to seek consultation with another board certified plastic surgeon in your area. 

Best of luck!

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Pains after augmentation procedures are challenging to treat

since we really don't know what the cause may be.  But with your animation deformity as it is, a procedure is going to be needed to resolve that and its impossible to say if your pains will resolve with this.  But you can can consider percutaneous release of the scar tissue between your muscle and soft tissues with fat grafting (at some risk to injury to your implant), conversion of your submuscular pocket to a subglandular pocket with repair of your muscle (must do to eliminated your animation deformity), or simply remove the implants and repair your muscle origins.  If your pain can be pointed to with a finger, a steroid injection (with risks) could also be considered.

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Good morning,

You do have a very significant muscle contraction distortion. In your situation I would recommend a capsulectomy to separate the adherence of the muscle to the capsule, as well as a sheet of Strattice placed between the muscle and the implant to prevent recurrence. 

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Can anything be done to alleviate pain in left pec muscle across top of breast? I am 5.5 mths post revision

I am sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing. Given that what you describe is a "constant" pain, some type of surgical  intervention will likely be necessary.  This  type of revisionary breast breast surgery may involve removal of scar tissue, conversion of the breast implant "pocket", or removal of breast implants altogether.

 Best to follow up with your plastic surgeon who will be in the best position to assess and advise you specifically. Best wishes.

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