If I did not have an allergic reaction to IV sedation, will I be okay with general anesthesia during my Rhinoplasty?

Having rhinoplasty done and very nervous!! Procedure will be done in hospital OR. I have PVCs, asthma, hypothyroid, and anxiety

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If I did not have an allergic reaction to IV sedation, will I be okay with general anesthesia during my Rhinoplasty?

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Most likely not but discuss all this with your anesthesiologist the day of or day before your surgery if you are concerned.

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General anesthesia for rhinoplasty

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IV sedation and general anesthesia are two  completely separate modalities of anesthesia. More importantly is to make sure you have clearance from your primary care physician for your PVCs, asthma, and thyroid issues. In addition, best check with your operative surgeon and anesthesiologist to discuss your medical issues. Also important to get a handle on your anxiety which can be counterproductive undergoing  elective cosmetic surgery.

William Portuese, MD
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IV sedation and general anesthesia risk

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Anesthesiologists are trained to keep patients comfortable and safe during surgery.They use a combination of medications to achieve different levels of sedation. They also assess your risk profile by looking at your medical background and physical examination. Based on that assessment, they can create an anesthesia plan customized for you. This is particularly important if you have heart or breathing issues. Safety comes first. 

Victor Chung, MD
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Thanks for your question. You should be fine to have a general anesthetic. Many general anesthetics nowadays use the exact same medications that are used for IV sedation. be sure to discuss your concerns with your anesthesia provider and good luck!!!

P. Daniel Ward, MD
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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