Stomach Swelling After Smart Lipo on Flanks

I had Smart Lipo on my flanks 4 weeks ago. Now, my stomach looks bigger than before. Is it post-op swelling? I have been wearing compression garment regularly. After two weeks, I resumed my normal exercise - I run about 12-15 miles a week.

I am 5'6" and weight 138. I eat healthily and have continued to do so after the procedure. My flanks show clear signs of improvement but my stomach looks much bigger (whereas I always had a flat stomach). I am getting a bit concerned. I would appreciate a reply.

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Post Op Smart Lipo Swelling

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Since, Smart lipo treats the small blood vessels of the upper skin, these can take a while (1 month or more) for the normal flow to restore. In this instance however, you have treated your flanks and have done a good job at compression in the operated site. What has happened are 2 things:

1) you have started activity prematurely (2 weeks) , as mentioned above, it takes 4 weeks for the flow to restore so exercise increases your blood pressure moving more fluid into the tissue.

2) Your garment has pushed this fluid into the adjacent unoperated area...hence your abdomen. Use compression on the abdomen as well and curtail the activity until this resolves.

Good Luck.

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