What Technique Did my Plastic Surgeon Use for my Bellybutton? (photo)

Hi, my name is Krissy. I am a little concerned about the final result. Also is there anyway to know what technique my PS used on my bellybutton. I am just worried at this point that it's going to heal with those little 'bubble' looking things all around it, mostly at the top. Thanks for any answers and replies. Much appreciated.

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External sutures around the umbilicus

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When external sutures are placed around the umbilicus then they should be removed within the first week or they will leave hash marks and suture lines. Hopefully after your sutures are removed the area will settle down.  I usually try to get the suture line to lie within the umbilical stalk and not visible externally.  If the area does not heal satisfactorily you may need a revision but this will take many more months to make this decision.  

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Belly button question after tummy tuck

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Your belly button looks normal, my only concern is that the stitches around the umbi may leave little track marks over the long term. 

What Technique Did my Plastic Surgeon Use for my Bellybutton?

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Best way is to ask your surgeon. It looks like a routine method, in which the navel was left attached to the abdominal wall, and then an incision was made over the navel which was sutured into that position. 

The little indentations are from swelling around the sutures, and those will resolve over the course of several weeks. 

Best wishes.

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