Alternatives to Implants for Forehead Augmentation?

Dear Doctors My forehead seems recessive, and do not want to get implants but I am concerned in regards to my looks, and would like to look better. I do not want to get implants because I do Judo and boxing. Is there any way that the forehead can be cut and bought forward? Or does the implant kryptonite allow for actual bony growth into the forehead? KR Mario

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Alternative to forehead augmentation

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It is possible to augment a forehead, however the option of cutting the forehead bone and repositioning it is usually reserved for patients with severe congenital anomalies of the skull and not for cosmetic purposes.  For smaller, cosmetic enhancements of the forehead one could consider an implantable material such as Alloderm (Human Acellular Dermal Matrix) or injectable fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra, or own's own fat.  Check with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to see if any of these options would be appropriate in your situation.  Best wishes.

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Forehead Augmentation

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Forehead augmentation can only be done by using some form of an implanted material. It is not possible to move the bone. No form of hydroxyapatite material ever gets replaced by bone but there is some bone growth into it.

The Forehead

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Osteoplastic forehead surgery falls into the realm of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures that can be very, very extensive.  I recommend that you contact experienced Cosmetic Facial & Reconstructive Surgeons who will discuss your several options.

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