What Alternatives for Repair of Large Rectus Abd Diastasis, Male, 60y? Symptoms Worsened After Strengthening Upper Abd Muscles.

Repair of BIH left the diasthesis pushed up under high pressure. Now the pressure exerted on upper abd organs is becoming a significant problem. Abd wall muscles have been rehab'd with no good luck. Made symptoms worse. GERD increased with episodes of nausea and digestion problems due to pressure affects on peristalsis. To be honest, it is not an attractive physical attribute for an old athlete. Tummy tuck seems like a frivolous alternative for my situation but may be the only option.

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What Alternatives for Repair of Large Rectus Abd Diastasis, Male, 60y?

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A photo would help and perhaps result in more responses. Unless the hernias were huge, it is hard to imagine why the repair would increase the intra-abdominal pressure, but anything is possible. Closing a large diastasis (or a ventral hernia) can increase GERD symptoms, and that should be reviewed with your primary doctor or gastroenterologist before embarking on a repair. 

Diastasis is usually repaired to improve appearance. It is most commonly done at the time of tummy tuck. Occasionaly it can be done as an isolated procedure, but the problem is that the skin of the central abdomen will be drawn together and can "buckle" if the excess skin is not released.

Thanks for the question, best wishes.

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