Alternatives to Botox, will this work for very early lines?

I'm 29 and in the last two weeks literally, have noticed my frown lines become slightly static. If I train myself to not make this expression and wear my glasses more can I avoid Botox? What else can I do to soften the line in this ver y early stage?

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Alternatives to Botox, will this work for very early lines?

I also agree applying spy daily can help slow the signs of aging, you’re at a perfect age to start preventing future lines/wrinkles, its best you seek a board certified physician who can provide a natural conservative look you wish to achieve

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How to take care of your skin

The best way to keep your skin looking young is to take care of it well. It is worth your while to see a good cosmetic dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who does cosmetic skin care.

I would suggest, to start off, that you be sure to use a good sun block every day. The best skin block are physical blocks that contain things like zinc or titanium. Those work better then chemical blocks. I would also consider using a good Vitamin C serum. Sun blocks help prevent the formation of free radicals (oxidants). Vitamin C is the best topical anti-oxidant that protects you from some of the damage that occurs despite the use of sun blocks. The best Vitamin C serums tend to come in dark bottles with an eyedropper top. At some point your doctor may suggest Retin-A which helps reverse the sun damage that has already occurred.

At some point you may be ready for Botox, but good skin care will always be an essential part looking your best, and starting young will really pay off.

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