What is an Alternative for Silicon Injection for Acne Scar Treatment?

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I remove liquid silicone quite frequently and do not advise the filler for acne scars. I remove the liquid silicone from nodules often. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

Treatment depends on the type of acne scar

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Acne scars are generally of 3 types: depressed trough like depressions, sharply marginated "boxcar" scars and icepick scars. Silicon injections (Medical grade only) are used successfully for the first 2 types to a significant degree. Alternatives include subcision, pocket grafting, injectable fillers of several types, and punch grafting. Fractional laser or traditional laser resurfacing is often beneficial after initial treatment. Also Sculptra and fat injections have shown  beneficial results. There is no single ideal treatment, unfortunately, but significant improvement can be achieved in most cases with proper selection.

A combination of extensive subcuson and Fraxel Repair Laser is my best treatment for acne scars.

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Extensive division using a custom surgical instrument and Fraxel Repair Laser is consistently giving 75+% improvement in the treatment of acne scars in a single treatment.

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