Alternative to Facelift for Skin Tightening?

I'm 50 look supposedly good for my age, no deep wrinkles. I'm not ready for a Facelift but I'd like my skin to be a bit tighter.

I'm developing jowls, and have increasingly brown spots in the face and keratosis on the temples. Is there one treatment that would improve all of the above like Laser treatment or Chemical peels? A combination of treatments? In what order?

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Facelift, chemical peels, and laser treatments to the face

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Without a face to face examination, it is hard to say what would be best in your specific situation. The question implies that there are 2 problems. The first is skin laxity with jowls beginning to form and skin surface changes from aging and sun exposure. There are a number of possible treatment modalities for each.

For marked or severe laxity traditional facelift surgery with skin removal is the most reliable. For more minor laxity your options are fractional lasers or radiofrequency like Thermage. These will likely require more than one treatment.

To treat the skin surface your options are laser resurfacing or chemical peels. Within each of those categories again there are multiple choices. Traditional facelift surgery with skin removal does nothing to these surface problems.

Just from a question and answer format such as this you cannot pick the best option. The best option is dependent on your specifics which can only be known after a face to face examination and your chosen doctor's experience, training and skill set. It is quite possible you could get the same good result from 2 different doctors using different modalities.

Whatever modality you employ in the end make sure to have the results last as long as possible. Maintain the result by always wearing sunscreen. That will also prevent skin cancer as an added benefit.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Alternative to Face Lift

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Consider the Lifique procedure that uses FDA approved radiofrequency energy to tighten skin on the face and neck. This procedure uses InMode technology to tighten skin on the surface and under the skin to obtain visible levels of skin tightening after 8 months with no surgery.

Robert Applebaum, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Facial Skin Tightening

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Thank you for your question. I would suggest Ultherapy for facial skin tightening. Ultherapy deposits focused ultrasound energy below the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s creation of new collagen. As a result, skin will actually begin to lift and tone over time. Collagen is a natural protein that gives skin its youthfulness by keeping it firmed, toned and elastic. Plus, the treatment is completely non-invasive and does not require downtime. I have seen excellent results with the treatment.

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