Alternative Cream to Bleaching or Hydroquinone for the Underarms?

I had tca peel done on my underarms 10 days ago. The peeling is almost done and I apply hydrocortisone cream if its itchy or red. The problem is my skin does not go well with the two creams mentioned above.

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Bleaching and lightening creams after chemical peel

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If your doctor is trying to decrease the chance of darkening from the peel, and you can't tolerate the hydroquinone lightening creams, the doctor could consider a prescription lightening cream called Lumixyl that may help with less irrritation, but unfortunately any cream in the underarm may irritate because the skin is occluding the cream and making it more potent. If your doctor agrees and prescribes this, then try a test spot first, the size of a dime before you try a larger area.

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