Alternative to Buttock Implants?

I am really thin (5'7" 108lbs) I have no body fat anywhere on my body. I would like to get buttock fat injections before I've read that its best to use your own body fat that I cannot provide. I am absolutely against buttock implants, is there any other alternative? Is borrowing fat from a donor really unsafe?

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Alternative to Buttock Implants?

Dear Lena993,

At present, the only safe ways to perform buttock augmentation are to use implants or to transfer your own fat. There are no fillers approved by the FDA for this purpose. In other parts of the world, fillers such as hydrogel, PMMA, and silicone are being used to augment the buttocks. These fillers have been associated with very serious complications, including death, and I would be very wary of using them. Enjoying what you have, or even having an implant, is a much better choice than a risky filler. A safe filler may also be available in the future.

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Larry Fan, MD 

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock enhancement

You fat is the only thing you can use.

if you are against Buttock implants, then your only choice is Dermis Fat graft, taken from a tummu tuck. If you are not a candidate for a tummy tuck then there is no other way.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Injectable fillers for buttock augmentation with no body fat donor sites

Unless the donor is an identical twin, it is not advisable to transfer fat from another individual. Injectable materials are being developed in Europe for use in breast augmentation but these are not currently available here in the USA. One such product is called Macrolane.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Ways to increase buttock size

You absolutely cannot have someone else's fat injected--your body would reject it as foreign tissue.

If you don't have enough of your own fat for gluteal augmentation, and you aren't willing to consider implants, you don't have many other options.  Fillers are used in some countries, but I wouldn't advise using them for gluteal augmentation--the amounts needed are cost-prohibitive and they're not permanent.  Silicone injections are permanent, but are known to cause a myriad of problems, often leading to reconstructive surgery.

You may just need to learn to love what you have :)

Carmen Kavali, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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