Is There an Alternative to the Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

It's been a year since I've gotten the double eyelid surgery. My surgeon did a good job but my fold is quite small and not visible. I wanted to do a revision surgery but did not really want to have to have the same surgery done again. Are there any alternatives besides the traditional surgery to make my folds look bigger? Let's say like removing fat or getting an eye lift of some sort? I have no idea if those are even possible but I need some advice ! Thank you !

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Alternatives to Asian Blepharoplasty

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You did not mention how the original surgery was performed.  From what you written, it appears that you had a nonincisional technique.  This involves placing the sutures to form or reinforce the crease of your eyelid.  This is possible when the skin is relatively thin without significant  fat .  Small incisions are used to place the sutures to form a crease that is higher.  Normally around 5-8mm from the lash margin.  It will work best if you can manually form a crease.  The incisional technique varies  depending on the surgeon.  But it involves excision of skin with modification of the deeper layers.  The crease is then formed with sutures which attaches to the deeper structures.  

The appearance of your eyelid is determined by the skin above the supratarsal crease and the location of the crease.  The supratarsal crease is the line above your eyelashes where the pretarsal skin changes from being attached to the structures directly behind it to the looser skin above which hangs in front of the crease.  The skin that hangs over the crease determines how much of the pretarsal skin behind it shows.  Typically, an Asian born with a crease shows about 1-2mm of pretarsal skin.  So any procedure that elevates or removes the skin above the crease will show more of the pretarsal skin with the appearance of a larger lid.

Your request seems to be relatively straight forward and it should not be difficult to improve your results.

WARNING - The most difficult problem to improve is the over done eyelid.  To much skin, fat and to high of crease is very difficult to improve.  Make sure you are in sync with the surgeon.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Asian eyes

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Creating a fold in the Asian eyelid, or double lid surgery can be revised. However the revision is difficult and require expertise.

The shape length and height of the crease has to e discussed ahead of the surgery.

There are two techniques to creat a fold

1: Open technic

2: closed suture technic, NOT AS RELIABLE

So your only option is revision with the open technique

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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