Alternative to Abdominoplasty/tummy Tuck/lipo Available if I Couldn't Ever Afford Those and Only Have Medicaid?

I am 28 now and after 2 very heavy kids, stomach muscles are weak & I hate this lower belly pooch. I've started becoming more self conscicious about my body and I used to never be that way. I don't mind the normal belly fat, I still want it gone too but it's not actually painful like the pooch. I have permanent nerve damage from 2 C-sections but that belly fat seems to actually hurt or my nerves are confused. I will never be able to afford surgery, exercise hasn't helped... What can I do?

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You aren't the only patient (Abdominoplasty and lipo)

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You aren't the only patient to have these types of concerns. I'd like to simply be really honest here: find a plastic surgeon (Board Certified obviously) and get a real consultation. Perhaps you might have to see more than one surgeon, but establish some rapport and trust. Then listen to what they say. I often see patients who have barriers to the treatments they need. Sometimes they need to lose weight, sometimes they can't get time off work to recover, sometimes they can't afford it. In the end, I am a surgeon and a doctor, and I tell them what I honestly think is best...for them. The bottom line is, right now cosmetic surgery is mostly something you pay for yourself, so make sure the person who is giving you a professional opinion is someone you trust. Don't spend money on procedures that are cheaper but not proven, and, if possible, find someone who can be your doctor, even if you can't afford to pay them for an operation. There's no surgery for being self conscious, and whether I operate on someone or don't, I always try to help with esteem and self image. Feelings matter too. Last, if you have pain, it's important to get an opinion about possible causes.
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Barbara Persons

Alternative to Tummy tuck?

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Unfortunately, from your description it sounds like the appropriate treatment may be an abdominoplasty. This would be a cosmetic procedure and would not be covered by any insurance, including Medicaid. I know of no non-surgical way to fully address the constellation of of problems you describe. If you have more specific questions an exam by a qualified plastic surgeon may help.

Eugene J. Sidoti, Jr., MD
Scarsdale Plastic Surgeon

Medicaid does not cover cosmetic surgery.

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From your description it sounds as though the only suitable solution would be in abdominoplasty. This is a cosmetic operation and is not covered by Medicaid nor should be.

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