Is It Possible to Alter the Roundness of the Outer Nostril?

Can you alter the outer nostril from a round nostril shape into a thinner, less protruding shape, like from the first picture to the second picture? If so, what is the procedure/method used? Thanks, this helps alot!

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Alar roundness at outer nostril can sometimes be improved.

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Nostril shape and size can be altered via Weir excisions, at the time of cosmetic nasal surgery in which the overall tip-lateral alar crural relationships can also be adjusted. Actual thickness of the nasal alar wall is difficult to reduce, but can be successfully carried out in select individuals (and may fail if scar tissue replaces the tissue that was removed).

For advice regarding your specific requests, a direct physical examination (or more photographs at a minimum) would be required! Seek the advice of an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon who perform lots of rhinoplasties.  Best wishes!

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Altering roundness of the outer nostril

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It is really not possible to thin, narrow, or change the shape of the outer ala and nostril. The nostril size can be reduced through an alar plasty procedure whereby an incision is made at the base of the nostril and a wedge is removed. The actual thickness and structure of the ala is all fibrofatty tissue and cannot be thinned down.

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