Alter the Medial Angle of One Eye to Match the Other Eye's Angle?

My eyes are asymmetric in the way that my right eye sits higher than the left, which I realize is normal. However my eyes inner corners don't point to each other too well, which further exaggerates the asymmetry between my eyes. So my question is if it's possible to alter one eyes medial angle to match the other ones medial angle? On the left of the picture is my eye unedited, and on the right I have edited it to make it loosely look the way I want it to. Please answer! Thanks in advance.

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I personally don't see much of a difference

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One glaring omission from your photos is the picture of your left eye.  We have NO idea what the asymmetry between the right and left eye is.  If the modified photo that you show here corrects the asymmetry, then there is no real asymmetry visible to the casual observer.  Surgery around the medial eyelid (medial canthus) can be very tricky and for a change that subtle, not worth it in my opinion.  Good luck!

Asymmetry of upper eyelid crease

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I can not tell much of the difference either. If you do have significant asymmetry between the right and the left eyes and you really want to do surgery I would do both eyes not just one to match the other. As long as you understand they will never look exactly the same but may be some improvement of the asymmetry.

Norman Ge, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

Not advised at All! Correction of the Inner corner of the Eye

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I agree with Dr. Steinsapir.  There are so many delicate structures in that region that do not need to be violated to try to improve that area. The Cure is Worse than the Disease!

Dr. ES

Say, how much does this bother you?

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While are ways to manipulate the inner corner of the eye, the results are so unpredictable that the absolute best advice is to forget about it.  Yes, you might find a surgeon foolish enough to try to make this change for you. However, the mostly likely outcome is scaring in the inner corner of the eye and a worse situation.

One question I have is how much time per day do you find yourself thinking about this issue.  If you have obsessive thoughts about this, or feel embarrassed in public because you think that others are talking about or making jokes about the inner corner of the eye, that would be abnormal.  Individuals with these types of preoccupations fall into a category called body dysmorphic disorder.  Cognitive behavioral therapy can be helpful to understand and control these thoughts.  A psychologist provides this type of care.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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