Possible to Alter Class 2 Bite to Class One W/o Surgery?

Hi,I have a moderate Class2,deep bite& moderate overjet.From profile my teeth slope outward a bit. I hate my Class 2 since it protrudes my teeth/lips into a "monkey mouth"look. 1st Ortho said by extracting 2 upper teeth+2 years of braces,she could "turn" my Class 2 into a Class 1,reduce my monkey mouth look. 2nd Ortho is partners w/ oral surgeon says that above procedure won't yield results I want& recommends expensive jaw surgery. Is what 1st ortho said possible w/o giving "sunken" teeth look?

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Cl2 to cl1

I think you could absolutely get the look you want with orthodontics alone. Maybe Google "distalizing oral appliances", head gear is also and option for you.

Maybe take in picture of what you would like to look like. Maybe even photoshop a picture of yourself

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Fixing protrusion is a job for a specialist

This is the type of bite that most certainly should be addressed by an orthodontic specialist who has the proper training and experience and will put the time and effort into properly diagnosing your problem with standard records they routinely use.  From your photos and what you  have described, and since reduction in the prominence of your lips is what you are looking for, extraction of upper premolars is likely a viable option.to address your concerns.  Extensive jaw surgery is likely not necessary.  "Growing your lower jaw forward" is neither possilbe nor prudent in your situation. 

Doug Depew, DMD
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Can Overjet be Corrected Without Surgery?

YES! There is no need to do radical jaw surgery to correct a minor overjet. Find a dentist/orthodontist who uses functional jaw orthopedic appliances. There are functional appliances that will "grow your lower jaw forward" and eliminate your class II overjet. If you choose to extract upper bicuspids you will not only make your nose look overly prominent and reduce the size of your lips but you will also end up with excess space between your second bicuspids and canine teeth. I can refer you to a website where you can locate a dentist who uses functional jaw orthopedic appliances if you are interested.

Good luck!

Brad Lockhart, DDS
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