Can you have liposuction and a TT where an old c-section is instead of another scar?

I had a cesection 22 yrears ago I am 41 had 4kids and 3 natural birth. I want liposuction and need tt would it be possible to have it Done were the cesection is. I would not like such a big scar like I have seen. My scars about 5 to 6inchs big.

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Tummy Tuck with C-section scar

It's difficult to answer your question without a photo.  In general a tummy tuck involves making a horizontal incision low on your abdomen from hip to hip, then repairing muscles and pulling your skin down.  Most of the time existing scars on the lower abdomen are removed altogether. I would suggest a consultation with a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  (S)he will be able to tell you what to expect regarding scars.

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Typically tummy tucks involve the removal of all old scars. In other words, at the end of the procedure you should have only one scar from the tummy tuck. Good luck.

Timothy Fee, MD
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Can you have liposuction and a TT where an old c-section is instead of another scar?

Can you have a lipo and TT where the old c-section scar is instead of another scar? Typically the C-section scar is excised when having a TT. However, the scar will be considerably longer. Still when a proper "layer closure" is done. the scar should not be bad after enough time has passed for scar maturity to occur. Think of it like this: All plastic surgery is a trade-off of some kind. You have to decide if it is a worth-while trade. Most patients are thrilled with tummy tucks. No more loose skin, excess fat, and your abdomen will be flat, or at least much flatter.

So, it's also according to how much fat and loose skin you have. If you have enough excess skin and a protuberant abdomen, a TT is the only solution, and patients are usually elated, even with the scar. 

Best of luck to you

E. Ronald Finger, MD
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TT incision

Thank you for your question.
Unfortunately, a TT incision must be longer than a C -section scar to successfully remove as much tissue as possible for best aesthetic results. If you are against a longer incision, then your other option may just be a wide excision of your C - section scar, but this will probably not offer acceptable results.
Best wishes,

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Tummy Tuck - Incision location

There are vertical and horizontal C-section scars.  If you have the more common horizontal C section scar just above your pubic hair area, the tummy tuck surgery usually starts there but the length of the total scar depends on how much skin needs to be excised.  That scar length and position you can negotiate with your surgeon as you are planning the procedure.  Liposuction can be safely added to certain regions during a tummy tuck.  Check with your surgeon to make sure your areas of concern are safe to liposuction during the procedure or is waiting a few months to do liposuction separately a safer plan.    Best Wishes!!

Stefan Mark Szczerba, MD
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Can you have liposuction and a TT where an old c-section is instead of another scar?

Thank you for your question. Without pictures I can not comment. Certainly both lipo and TT can be done and place one scar. The length of the scar depending on your amount of skin resection. Please consult with a board certified PS for evaluation.

Ven Erella, MD
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TT Scar

Hi and thanks for the question. It is possible to have a mini tummy tuck through an incision that is similar to the length of a c-section scar. A full tummy tuck which involves repairing the muscles and taking more skin reqires a longer incision. Best of Luck - Dr Hardy

James E. Hardy, MD
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Can you have liposuction and a TT where an old c-section is instead of another scar?

Without photos and the benefit of physical exam it's difficult to comment accurately. Generally speaking your C-section scar can be extended from hip bone to hip bone and the excess skin can be removed through a tummy tuck. Best to seek an in person exam by an experienced Board Certified PS.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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 Usually the tummy tuck scar is placed at or just below the C section scar in order to avoid having two separate scars.   It is rare to have a C section scar that is too low to use for the tummy tuck.  

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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Can I have a tummy tuck where my C-section scar is?

A tummy tuck usually requires the excision of large amounts of skin excess in order to achieve nice abdominal shape and curves. The amount of skin excess directly correlates to the lenght of the scar. Patients with only minimal skin excess, usually have a much shorter scar than those with a loose apron of skin that hangs below the pubis. That said, the new scar is below the old C-section scar and therefore the old scar is removed. You will only have one scar after TT surgery and the lenght depends on your abdominal features. Overall, almost all patients find that the new scar is a great trade off for a flatter belly. Hope this helps. 

Erez Sternberg, MD
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