Also noticing an improvement in eye sight. What could be causing this?

I also noticed a change in vision. I wear contacts all the time, or I can't see well enough to read, drive, etc. After the first couple of days of using, I woke up one morning & was seeing SO clearly second guessed myself whether i had my contacts in. (I didn't). Effects didn't last however, & vision returned to status quo an hour or so later. Stopped using due to redness and irritation. It's been several weeks, so used again last night. This am, vision improved again. What could be happening?

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Schedule a consultation with an optometrist to have your eyes assessed.

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Schedule a consultation with an optometrist to have your eyes assessed. Your vision changes sound unrelated to the use of Latisse. 


Improvement in eyesight after using Latisse

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Latisse should not be going directly in your eye so it shouldn't have any effect (positive or negative) on your eyesight. There is no clearcut answer as to why this is happening, other than coincidence, because Latisse isn't used in the eye.

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