Small (36A), pointy breasts. Are above the muscle, "gummy-bear" implants ideal?

I'm no fitness freak, but I enjoy working out/ lifting weights; hence was told above the muscle would be better. But would the form stable, "gummy-bear" implants pose problems for naturally small breasts?

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Can size A cup breasts be augmented above the muscle?

It is possible to place implants above the muscle in your size breasts. The implant choice can be a standard cohesive gel and does not require the gummy bear. But it does require an in person consultation to determine whether you have enough breast tissue to camouflage the implants above the muscle.

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Gummy implants

The gummy implant is a an excellent device. It can be placed both above and below the muscle. I recommend you researching your risks prior to having the implants placed. One of the most common complications with augmentation is capsular contracture, by placing the implants  above the muscle you increase this risk. Capsular contracture is correctable, but the literature states that recurrence of the contracture is as high as 22%. I recommend speaking to a board certified plastic surgeon on the pros and cons of placement. Ask to see what a contracture looks like so you understand the complication.

The "ideal" implants for you...

There are several factors that plastic surgeons consider when recommending implant sizes. I consider two factors when selecting implants for my patients:

1. Dimensional planning
2. Gel Implant Sizing system

Dimensional planning – The measurements of your chest wall are taken. Also, the breast dimensions including the height, width, and current dimensions of each breast form the basis of dimensional planning. Based on these measurements, the implant size is recommended. This will give you a unique breast implant that is suited for your body frame. However, there are some limitations of what size we can recommend. For instance, some implants may just be too big for a narrow chest wall. Your surgeon can review this with you during the consultation.

Gel Implant Sizing system – During the preliminary breast implant consultation, you will be provided with an option to “try on” a variety of implant shapes and sizes. You can also visualize the possible outcomes of your surgery which helps you to get that perfect size to give you the shape that you longed for. This way your preferences are known and you can then pick a range of implants that will “fit” just right to give a soft natural fuller look. Hope this helps.

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Small (36A), pointy breasts. Are above the muscle, "gummy-bear" implants ideal?

Women with very little of their own breast tissue are the best candidates for form stable tear drop shape implants above the muscle. This is the best usage for this product. 

Breast implant placement for pointy breasts

Thank you for your question.  There are many advantages to having your implants beneath the chest muscle most importantly less risk of capsular contracture.  There is also less chance of visibility in patients who have little breast tissue.

In my opinion placing the implants under the muscle will naturally cause the shape of the pointy breast to become more natural looking.  Unless you have a true tuberous breasts, placing the form stable implant beneath the muscle should improve breast shape and size.

Gummy bear implants above the muscle.

Dear GG,
thank you for your post.  No, the gummy bear implants are ideal in the above the muscle position.  They are naturally tear drop shaped and have the least amount of rippling.  Most of my patients prefer this position and are very happy with their results.
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Gummy Bear

There are many, many opinions about the question you have asked. Pictures wound be needed to give you a more exact recommendation... but unless you are a "workout freak" I would prefer to place the form stable implant below the muscle. The pectoralis will add additional soft tissue coverage if you are thin. In general, the capsular contracture rate is lower in the subpectoral position. If you did have any rotation of the may be less noticeable under the muscle due to the additional muscle coverage. ...those are my thoughts. Hope this helps.


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