Can I Wear Compression Tape Around my Breasts Instead of a Compression Bra for a Day? How Tight?

i am a weeks and a half out of surgery 325cc under arm and muscle and need to get a spray tan for work and don't want strap lines, so was wondering is it alright to wear a compression wrap instead and how tight should i wrap it ???

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Compression garment and Spray Tan

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I don't use compression garments for breast augmentations.  However, it should not be an issue to take off the garment to get your spray tan.

Compression garment and spray tan

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I do not use compression garments for breast surgery.  Personally if you were my patient and everything is Ok, I wouldn't think it is a problem, but I would defer to your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Compression post breast aug

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I'm sure it would be fine to take the compression off for the spray tan. No problem. As the other surgeons say, it's polite to check with your surgeon. Call their office in the morning and check with the practice nurse who can follow it up for you. Good luck.

Compression tape during spray tan

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Considering the brevity of a spray tan treatment I do not think your breasts would suffer if you remove the garment while being sprayed. However, you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon before proceeding.

Compression Tape instead of Bra?

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Thank you for the question.

It would be in your best interest ( and respectful to your surgeon as well) to ask  this question of him/her during one of your postoperative visits. He/she is responsible for your care and should be involved in these types of decisions.

Best wishes.

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