I Already Undergone 10 IPL Sessions for my Underarm Hair, What Are Other Laser Options?

but it only reduces for about 60% of my underarm hair and some fine hairs are growing still. I want to find other lasers that will totally eliminate my underarm hair to nearly 90% after IPL. Is Lightsheer ET best for me? It is the only available laser near our place. Daisy (light skinned with dark underarm hair)

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IPL has gone as far as it can go. Try alexandrite laser treatment

IPL will knock out the biggest hairs. It is however not a laser, but an intense pulsed light. To get the remainder of the finer hairs you need a laser with two specific qualities:

First the laser energy needs to be preferentially absorbed into the dark pigment in the remaining hair follicules. The alexandrite laser (and others) are ideal for this.

Secondly, the laser has to be very powerful to get a lot of energy in a very quick blast (or pulse width). Not all can do this. The Candela-Syneron, and Cynosure lasers have this ability. I do not know about the Lightsheer ET.

Perhaps you could express your hesitation, and work out an arrangement - where the endpoint, cost and your satisfaction are agreed upon in advance.     

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