Nippers are too high. Breast Revision Required? (Photos)

As you see from the photos my nipples are positioned too high. When I returned to the doctor who preformed the procedure I was told that the implants appeared to have moved to the top (moved positions) therefore this made the nipples higher. I am now wanting to get this fixed desperately but am unsure as to what dialogue to use when requesting that the doctor "lower" my breast. Can this procedure be corrected? Would this be a revision or a breast reconstruction? Your thoughts?

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Thank you for your question and pictures.  The nipples, espcially the only on the right of the picture are a bit too high.  This can be corrected by RAISING the implant a little higher and removing some skin from the infra mammary fold of the breast.

Breast revision

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It does appear that you may benefit from a breast revision.  I would recommend waiting at least 6 months from your original surgery to let full healing occur and then would also start with your original doctor.  Explain to them what you like and don't like and then you can come up with a revision plan.  Don't despair, this can be improved. Good luck.

Redo breasts augmentation

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Dear Georgian,

    Thanks for submitting your pictures and sorry for your problems. The pictures are confusing, because in the first 2 pictures , the nipples location is asymmetrical while in the last picture they look even. It appears that your implants bottomed out, either because of superior capsule contracture , or just weakness of the fold. The solution for your problem is superior capsulotomy (scar release) and inferior capsulorrhaphy (internal bra), which will raise the breasts and the fold and will allow the bra to cover the nipples as well as create more attractive breasts.. If the nipples location is indeed asymmetrical, a mini lift of the right side will correct the problem.

    Always, consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeons who perform lots of redo breasts augmentation in accredited surgery center for your safety. Most importantly, check the before and after pictures, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive with nice cleavage, perky, symmetrical and natural looking. Also, check the reviews on 'RealSelf' for ratings and positive experience reports.

                           Best of luck,

                                                  Dr Widder

Nippers are too high. Breast Revision Required?

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One nipple is too high the other too low and the implant positioning is poor on both sides. You will need both lifts revised and both implants revised. The techniques are complicated and should be performed by a very experienced surgeon (and a different surgeon).

Is your surgeon a board certified plastic surgeon?

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You have a number of issues including significant asymmetry, too high nipple placement and too long of a nipple to fold distance with some bottoming out. IF your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon then I would imagine he or she would want to do their best to help you correct this poor result. If your surgeon is not a board certified plastic surgeon then find one for consultation. Good Luck!

Needs a revision

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Thanks for your question and posting of your photos. It would be my opinion that, rather than the nipples being too high, both the breast and the underlying implants have migrated to low making the vertical distance between the bottom of the areola and the infra-mammary crease way too long. A simple correction would involve making a fleur-de-lis type skin excision to shorten that vertical limb as well as correct and raise the crease. The nipple then would be better centered on the breast mound. Hope this is helpful.

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