Scar Tissue In Chest After Breast Augmentation

I have a breast augmentation in 1999, but for the last 2 years I have pains and tighten feeling in the area where my breast are, I have gone up a couple sizes in the chest and it is very had to breath at times they checked the heart out it is ok, but could scar tissue have built up over the years, I keep making scar tissue and had 4 surgeries after a hysterectomy. They told that I have scar tissue around my small intestines. Could they move up to my chest area.

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Scar tissue around breast implants making it hard to breathe

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The scar tissue from your abdomen did not spread to your breasts. Most likely you have what we call a Bker IV (Four) caspsular contracture. This is probably best treated with implant removal and replacement and capsuletomy or neo-pectoral pocket.

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Scar tissue around Breast Implants

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Scar tissue around breast implants is also called capsular contracture. When scar tissue builds up around implants, the breast and implant feel firm, and in severe instances it can cause pain, and distortion of the breast contour. Implants that have been in longer or are over the muscle can sometimes have higher risks for this scar tissue. Treatment would involve removal of the implant and it's associated scar tissue, with implant replacement. A breast exam by a plastic surgeon would clarify your diagnosis.

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