Aloe Vera After Mixto?

Hi, I just had mixto procedure 3 weeks ago. And I have been applying cicaplast cream. I was also using bactroban on one side of my face as I developed a cold sore. They have disappeared now but both side of my face are still quite red. I read that you shouldn't apply aloe Vera right after the procedure . But now that it's no longer flaking, can I use aloe vera to reduce the redness? Will the redness be gone by week 4?

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Aloe should be safe 4 weeks after Mixto laser resurfacing.

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At 4 weeks, aloe should be safe. The redness will linger (depending on skin tendency, sun avoidance, and depth of treatment) for a few weeks up to 4 months.

Redness after MIXTO

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I have found the best success in reducing redness after MIXTO by using professional skin products designed for sensitive or post-procedure skin.  I do not recommend over the counter products immediately after procedures due to the risk of infection. Aloe vera may soothe your skin but anti-redness products especially ones that contain mild steroid will likely be more effective in controlling redness. IPL can also help speed the process after you have healed from the MIXTO. Redness is the last thing to go away and tends to fade gradually over time.

Melissa Toyos, MD
Nashville Ophthalmologist

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