How Can I Get an Almond Shaped Asian Eye? (photo)

The last time I asked the same question but the doctors didn't understand what I meant, maybe I didn't explain clearly what I wanted. I am Caucasian and I would like to have almond eyes, to look Asian (or half Asian). I heard about canthoplasty but I'm afraid the result won't be good. I think canthoplasty would make my eyes almond shaped like the first picture and not like the second one. What I hope to get are the eyes of the second girl. Thank you very much!

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How Can I Get an Almond Shaped Asian Eye?

Without photos of your eyes, I can't answer your question. But I will tell you that the photos are all professional models shot by a professional photographer and then digitally altered to meet the needs of the producer so they don't even look like these photos. I certainly agree with Dr. Amadi that your request sets off warning bells in a surgeon's mind. A big part of our job is making sure a patient's preoperative requests are realistic, and if not we decline to do the surgery.

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Canthoplasty results can be disappointing

One of the first warning signs we look for as surgeons, is when a patients brings in pictures of models and says : " I want my [fill in the blank] body part to look like her/him".

Surgeons can make improvements to certain aspects of a patients anatomy, but cannot make them look like somebody else.

First of all, posting a photo of your eyes would be a good start. Not having seen your photos, I can reinforce your concern that a canthoplasty result may be disappointing. Canthoplasties work best for reconstruction of a damaged eyelid. Performing the surgery for a normal eyelid, may leave you with an natural result that you may regret.

Best of luck

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