Would an Almond Eye Surgery Help Me Look More Feminine? (photo)

I am 170lbs. I was 240lbs and Im still working on losing more. With losing weight my face thinning would help. I feel like my face lacks any features that make it appealing. I have an underbite which does not help and when I was younger I received constant teasing about my lips being large. I haven't in a long time but I imagine they still are? I don't know what my face needs but I willing to save $$$$ to enhance it. I don't want to look like any celebrity, just an improved version of myself.

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Gee you have upper eyelid retraction.

I think you should see an internist or your regular doctor and have your thyroid tested.  Perhaps you are losing weight because you are dieting and exercising and that is why you have lost 70 pounds.  However, perhaps you developed hyperthyroidism, had increased energy and that motivated you to begin to work out and the weight loss is the result of the working out and a much faster metabolism.  Upper eyelid retraction (seeing white above the colored portion of the eyes is associated with thyroid eye disease.  I recommend you get this checked out immediately and don't consider eyelid surgery until this possibility is thoroughly assessed.

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