Alloderm Being a Possible Breast Implant Substitute?

I just need to know, CAN it possibly help to substitute implants, like when used in conjunction with things like "Autologous fat transfer"?

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AlloDerm is not a breast implant substitute.  AlloDerm a cadaveric dermal matrix product for soft tissue support.

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Alloderm Not A Breast Implant Substitute

Alloderm is a sheat of cadaveric skin that can be used to camouflage implant wrinkling and palpability.  It is also very useful for supporting inferior pole "bottoming out" after augmentation mammoplasty.  It would not be effective as a volume replacement for an implant, with or without fat transfer.

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Alloderm Being a Possible Breast Implant Substitute?



Alloderm is a collagen matrix derived from donated skin that's had the cells removed and then freeze dried.  It comes as a thin sheet that's best used for Lip Augmentation, superficial tissue replacement and more recently as a supportive tissue for Breast Augmentation especially when there is a loss of overlying breast tissue covering the Breast Implants.  This should not be confused with it's use as a Breast Implant device with or without fat transfer to the breast.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Alloderm not a breast implant substitute

Alloderm is an acellular dermal matrix, which means that it is made from skin with the cells removed. The body accepts it as a template to convert into living tissue over time. It is often used in breast reconstruction to form a sort of living internal bra that helps support an implant. However, it is a sheet of tissue, not something that adds volume in the sense that fat grafting or implants do.

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