Can Alloderm Be Used to Replace a Small Breast Implant?

I am 41 years old, was diagnosed with DCIS last year and had lumpectomy without radiation. I am considering a unilateral mastectomy for the breast that had DCIS and was wondering if alloderm may be molded into a breast and used instead of implants or any flap surgery. I am a size AA and would rather keep my size or even go smaller than undergo an implant or flap surgery (although I still want the shape/cup of a breast). Thank you very much.

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Alloderm tissue matrix used for reconstruction with implants

Although Alloderm is a regenerative tissue matrix, it is a sheet of material that is used as an internal bra to add support and coverage of implants in breast reconstruction. It does not add the volume that is lost with mastectomy. However, if you have a skin and nipple-sparing mastectomy, the Alloderm can be very helpful in immediate, direct-to-implant reconstruction so it is all done in one stage with a quick recovery.

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Can Alloderm Be Used to Replace a Small Breast Implant?

I agree with the previous surgeons who have posted; alloderm is not utilized for this purpose.  However, you may want to seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience with fat transfer.  If you have enought body fat, you may be able to get a good result utilizing your own tissue for the fullness.  Good luck!

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Alloderm and breast cancer

Alloderm is only used as a soft tissue coverage over an implant. It can not be molded into the shape of a breast. Autologous  tissue  of the abdomen or another are can be molded to create a breast for you possibly.

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It will not work

The mastectomy will remove all of the  breast tissue and leave thin layer of skin. AlloDerm is used to help to cover the implant for breast reconstruction.If you are not ready for implant or flap reconstruction,the other option is fat grafting. Dr.Khouri from Miami pioneered Brava tissue expansion and fat grafting. If you are interested in small breast, fat grafting can be an option. I have used this treatment for patients that were implant failure or not interested in flap reconstruction. Please check my web site.

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Alloderm is a supporting material

Alloderm is used in breast reconstruction to provide a support and coverage for breast implants.  It is a think sheet and as such it would never have sufficient volume to replace an implant.  It cannot be used instead of an implant or a flap.
You should see a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction who can explain your options to you in more detail.  Ideally, you want immediate reconstruction thus you are limited to a plastic surgeon who works with your breast surgeon and can be available to operate on you at the same time.
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